Schneider Group Architects

This Los Angeles-based architectural firm specialized in restaurant chains, and when business got slow reached out for some direct mail help. This concept – an authentic blueprint rendering of a dinner place setting – was created by the firm's draftsmen. I thought it would make a clever demonstration of Schneider Group's specialty, especially when it arrived in a slick black ...

Creative Music Center

The Creative Music Center in Monroe, CT wanted to take advantage of a popular nationwide movement – "Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood" encourages us to leave our mindless devices and screens for more engaging (and less vegetative) activities. In this case, to learn a musical instrument. This concept was used in emails, direct mail, and posters.

Ad Club of CT

I was asked to help create the Call for Entries direct mail piece for the Ad Club of Connecticut. Since I've always considered the approval process of a concept to be eerily similar to a sperm reaching the egg, I played off that "miracle" notion for this unfolding poster. Thanks to a clever design by Dave Cushman, we created a ...

SDI Beehive

This 15-foot wall mural was created for the SDI headquarters in Bristol, PA. The client often uses the analogy of SDI clients being treated like "queen bees" and that everyone within SDI should go out of their way to delight the queen bee at every level. We merely expressed it using SDI's icon-driven visual language in a stunning wall graphic. ... was a comparison site that let you shop for the best shipping rates. For high-volume shippers, it was a valuable tool to find the best deal. Hey, if you have to ship, why not save money while you're at it? Design credits: Brian Miller.

CT Tennis

How to generate interest from former tennis players who haven't visited the area tennis clubs for a while? Remind them that it's been too long, and do it with a smile. As an ad, and poster, this simple approach did the trick – inquiries rose significantly, so did league and membership sign-ups.

LG – Outdoor

Outdoor board created while at the BUZZ division of Y&R in New York. LG is a brand known for innovation and cleverness, this outdoor board simply went with that momentum.

IHA – Signage

For Integrated Health Associates in Ann Arbor, we created an eye-catching poster that dangled from the ceiling in common areas of several clinics. Design credits: Jeff Cooper