Digital – “Mainframe”

In the mid-90’s, when only mainframes had the horsepower to get serious things done, the rise of servers changed the computing landscape. Digital Equipment Corporation was among the first to show how compact servers could do the job of room-sized mainframes. This spread ad, created while at Young & Rubicam NY, simply made that compelling

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Microsoft Word

You’re looking at the ad that hastened the demise of WordPerfect – the reigning king of all word processing programs back in the late 80’s. When Microsoft went head-to-head with WordPerfect, and ushered in a new era of features and productivity, the definition of “perfection” was changed forever. Fun times.

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IBM – “Ulf”

While in Norway shooting TV commercials for the 1994 Winter Olympics, we met a senior IBMer who actually gathered race results as a teenager in the early 1950’s. What are the chances of this gentleman eventually becoming Operations Manager for the 1994 Games?! True story, and one that deserved its own ad and TV spot.

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