For a couple years, the Budget rental car people relied on concepts and copy from VOORNAS Creative in their ongoing email, web banner, and print ad efforts. To their credit, they usually bought some decent stuff, here's one ad offering special discounts to universities.

Dassault Falcon Jet

A celebratory ad for the iconic aircraft brand, this time honoring their President & CEO, at an industry gathering in 2019.

Bowman Design Group

Bowman Design Group specializes in creating experiences – tradeshow, corporate, retail, municipal, you name it. Their approach to exhibits goes beyond innovative. The thinking behind their creations is as impressive as the environments they build and bring to life. This is one ad in a series that focuses on specific Bowman capabilities.

Weber Logistics

Weber Logistics is a third-party logistics (3PL) provider with a powerful presence in the West. Their specialty? Temperature-controlled trucks that keep food products at the ideal temperature during shipping. They wanted to enter the candy/snack market with some print ad and web banner support, so working with consultant Logistics Marketing Advisors, we came up with a hook that established a ...

SDI – Print

SDI's supply chain expertise proved even more valuable as major shifts in manufacturing began to impact more businesses. To acknowledge the changes, and offer guidance to streamline operations, we developed a concept that became astoundingly effective in print, within LinkedIn Sponsored Updates, as well as email blasts.

Odyssey Re

A well-respected reinsurance company was changing its name to Odyssey because it was offering some historic new services. Why not simply make a connection to the mythological Odyssey to help make the necessary new points? It practically wrote itself.

Weigh to Live

This award-winning campaign introduced a new doctor-supervised weight management system in Los Angeles. The ads were small, the impact was huge.

Microsoft – flight sim

Great client while at Ogilvy & Mather in Los Angeles. Some of the Microsoft guys actually came from the agency side, so they "got it." They loved working with the creative folks, which made us work even harder for them. Good times.


Tough client while at FCB in Orange County. But sometimes the good stuff got through. These two did:  For the re-introduction of the classic Miata:  "We didn't just rekindle an old flame. We through gasoline on it."  And a lease ad for the Millenia:  "The luxury resembles a Mercedes. The comfort resembles a Lexus. The lease resembles a typo."

St. Joseph’s

Saint Joseph's Medical Center in Yonkers didn't want to be just another "caring institution that cares." They wanted a little attitude while selling their services. Budgets only allowed an occasional print ad, with some light TV support, but I'm a sucker for any client who wants attitude.