Museum of Darien

The history-rich Museum of Darien was looking for a way to increase foot traffic, so I suggested a new tagline that literally encouraged folks to come in, and be transported back to a remarkable time – complete with historic costumes, artifacts, crafts, and an eye-opening peek at New England life back in the 1800s and 1900s.


Founded in 2020, FinTron is an edgy financial app designed expressly for the mobile generation. Their whole approach is about demystifying investing, while simplifying banking and budgeting for the rest of us. These animated banners helped pique interest and introduce the world to FinTron's "Investing Reborn" positioning.

Pavement Recyclers

Truly amazing technology, the machines sold and distributed by Pavement Recyclers actually take scrap asphalt from old roads, construction sites, etc. and melt it down – in 6 minutes – to its original 330-degree state. Fresh, eco-friendly, hot-mix at a fraction of the cost of new asphalt. Working closely with designer Lisa Kay, we gave this brand a new identity, ...


For their deep and detailed Consumer Products site, Energizer used concepts and copy from VOORNAS Creative to set a friendly but informative tone throughout the site.

Concentric Private Wealth

Concentric Private Wealth is a successful wealth management boutique in McLean, VA that takes a very personal, very behavioral approach to helping people live their best lives – financially and otherwise. Every word on their new site was written with a renewed voice and attitude, intentionally differentiating Concentric from other money management firms who tend to be very corporate, very ...

Run Till Valhalla

Imagine a fund-raising charity event where participants endure four grueling exercise stations along a 5K running course. Marketing agency MillerSmith used concepts and copy from VOORNAS Creative to develop the official site for Run Till Valhalla – one event that benefited two important local charities. It needed to reflect the gritty, sweaty vibe of the event itself, so the Viking ...


KarpReilly is an energetic team of growth investors who help equally ambitious and hands-on companies realize their business dreams. Lisa Kay Design used concepts and copy from VOORNAS Creative to breathe new life into a typically dry and uninspired category with a total site refresh.


RazorFocus is a boutique focus group facility run by experienced marketers who've lived on the other side of the mirror – they hail from ad agencies and other qualitative research firms so they really know their stuff. They asked VOORNAS Creative for a website redesign, along with a fresh new attitude, copy approach, tagline, the whole works. Design credits go ...

Marmalade Skies

When charter jets fly home from wherever they've been, they often return with empty "dead-head" seats. You can now bid on those seats, and travel in jet-set style for a fraction of the cost – thanks to Marmalade Skies. This bold new venture needed a new logo, tagline ("What a Trip") and website to communicate all the benefits to travelers. ...

Wiedenbach Brown

Wiedenbach Brown is a nationwide provider of all things lighting – for retail chains, fitness clubs, supermarkets, you name the market, WB lights it. They came to us looking for a total rebrand:  new logo, new color palette, new tagline, new collateral system and of course, a new Web presence. What you see here is the sharp, clean new look ...